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With all the noise and the incessant thought chatters caused by our fast-paced world, centering ourselves and finding peace can be a very difficult feat.
At SWISH Tribe™, we give importance to both all the aspects in your life including your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health by bringing you top of the line clean and properly sourced products.
Bring more harmony, love, tranquility, compassion, and peace in all the corners of your life and radiate it to those around you with the help of Samadhi, a journey from individual to collective consciousness.
Why 1440 - 1440 symbolism wants you to do the things that make you happy, focus on the things that will bring you joy and achieve success in your life.   
We have 7 stages, along with our 700 founder memberships available. We have 7 different integrated NFT cards that represent the journey available and 7 years to fulfill our purpose.  Stage 1, The first 100 cards intuitively jumpstart the Swish Tribe. We follow Fibonacci series as these prices are limited and will increase in a incremental way. Stage two will start at 2879$, Stage 3, 5757$ and so on, until we reach our 700 founders. This is an exclusive opportunity for you. These memberships are tradable and exchangeable the power is yours..

Fibonacci Series 



Totals = A+B*100 


Stage 1





Stage 2





Stage 3





Stage 4





Stage 5





Stage 6





Stage 7




Stage 8




Stage 9




Stage 10




After stage 10 of Fundraising 



With your SWISH Tribe™ Lifetime Founder Membership and collaboration, we can stay away from corporate investors and keep our products and experiences 100% ethically sourced. We believe in transparency and decentralization. Below you can see there is still plenty of time to be an early adopter shown in the Blue zone.  Help us get to the Green zone and take advantage of the abundance that has been created for us. 
We carefully designed this one of a kind membership to make sure you get only the best. You will be entitled as the first to buy our exclusive and limited products and essentials.
We take pride that SWISH Tribe Founder Membership is built and established with pure love and dedication. We have put our own heart and soul to make this membership as comprehensive and as valuable as possible.
Achieve growth along the way and meditate like never before. Be a proud founder of our growing community and get the most natural and all clean products for your yoga and meditation sessions.
The best way to center yourself is to connect with nature and that is exactly what we are after.
Please be reminded that this one of a kind membership is only available for a limited time. 
With a Swish Founder Membership you have access to everything we acquire/build around Mother Earth, the NFT card give you access to buy SWISH shares, all our exclusive and limited edition products, discounts, and much more. 

This membership is non-refundable. We reserve the rights to admission, 
This membership does not include guaranteed partnerships, nor access to our networks. To gain access 3 founder members must recommend you grant you access. Process takes 1 week for approval. See our online membership agreement page for more information- We try to be as transparent as possible. One membership per person, gift cards available.
So, what are you waiting for? Be at peace with yourself, with the people around you, and with the whole world with SWISH Tribe™. 
Get your lifetime membership today and improve the quality of your life!
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