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The son of a master carpenter, developer, and academic mathematician, Pedro Rivera Wiener was born on 3 December 1979 in Neuquen, Patagonia Argentina, to a middle-class Argentinian family with German, French and Spanish roots.
With a strong passion for adventure and personal fulfillment, Pedro began flying airplanes at the age of 16, obtaining his commercial pilot license when he was 21 years old, demonstrating from a young age his skills in strategy, planning, and decision-making.
His fascination for the arts and design led him to study where and how people live and interact with the environment, developing his first forays into the world from his studio in Coral Gables Florida USA, thus creating his first Design Company. He's designs brought him to the attention of Zaha Hadid, Phillipe Stark, and other renowned architects and designers, he was the first designer exhibited with the Austrian Swarovski, at the ICFF in NY with his own furniture collection made with crystals.
His design and artwork are at several buildings and collectors homes around the world.
Pedro's also ventured into film and has been one of the pioneers in the digital age, producing projects focused on arts, design, culture, and prominent individuals in the community, now part of the library on-demand in The Internet Archives up in the space.
A tie-loathing explorer, adventurer, philanthropist, who believes in turning Ideas into reality.
Now focused on SWISH living NOMADIC in his 1977 GMC Space Machine touring The US National Parks to see the challenges we are facing to co-create the land of the future.
Follow his personal journey on social media @theideaarchitect
"I have met THE IDEA ARCHITECT ™ many years ago and I consider him one of the most creative persons I have ever met."
Giovanni Soleti
GS Capital
"THE IDEA ARCHITECT ™ not only creates unique designs which simultaneously stand out from the crowd and appeal to a large audience, but he also has amazing business acumen. Watch out, THE IDEA ARCHITECT ™ will take the design world by storm!"
Will Thompson
Senior Vice President, Insights & Strategy at Forbes
 Photography Billy Colleman