Bulding the platform

Here are some of the steps that Swish is taking to create a platform for aquiring land next to national parks and forests:

1. Research and assess relevant legal and regulatory requirements:

Swish researches all requirements include zoning restrictions, environmental regulations, and restrictions on development near protected lands.

Swish will also familiarize themselves with relevant laws and regulations in the countries where they plan to offer land for sale.

2. Build partnerships with national park and forest trusts:

To gain access to land near national parks and forests, Swish will reach out to the relevant land trusts or conservation organizations to build partnerships. These organizations may be able to provide guidance on potential land purchases and can also help ensure that any development on the land is environmentally sustainable.

3. Identify potential properties for sale:

Swish conducts research on available properties near national parks and forests to identify potential land acquisitions.

4. Assess potential for growth and investment returns:

Once potential properties are identified, Swish will conduct a thorough evaluation of the potential for growth and investment returns.

This could involve analyzing the location, the size of the property, and any restrictions or regulatory requirements that may impact development or resale value.

5. Build a user-friendly platform for investors to buy land:

Swish works with a team of developers and designers to create a platform that is user-friendly and meets the needs of both buyers and sellers.

The platform will allow investors to browse properties, learn about environmental impact, eligibility criteria, and view financial projections.

6. Launch marketing campaign to attract investors:

Once the platform is built, Swish will launch a marketing campaign to attract potential investors. This could include advertising, partnering with relevant influencers or organizations, and hosting events to showcase available properties.

7. Facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers:

Our platform will work to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. Buyers will be provided with a clear understanding of the process for purchasing land, financing, and managing the property over time. Swish also helps connect buyers with environmental consultants and other professionals to ensure that any development is sustainable and environmentally responsible.