Dear friends and colleagues, 
I'm The IDEA Architect and I like seeking a synergy with you or your company.
My approach to you is to engage a marketing agreement in which SWISH sends you referrals from customers located in your city via this website, metaverso or web apps. Just copy and paste the company's avatar or its logo on your page or website with a small description and a text link and I will do the same on this website on the marketing partners links page:
http// - SWISH - is a collectively-owned, blockchain-governed organization working towards develop the public land of the future on Mother Earth.

One important component of the Marketing benefits of partnering up is a reciprocal link to each other’s websites, thus ensuring that we can benefit from SEO and cross-marketing in social media as well. Feel free to explore the Swish website and if you are interested contact us via email at   
Thank you for this opportunity to benefit each other.


The IDEA Architect