The Idea Architect

Enter the world of Pedro Rivera Wiener, also known as THE IDEA ARCHITECT™, a man born to pursue adventure, fuel his endless enthusiasm, and create designs that showcase his purpose-driven mindset. Born and raised in Neuquen, Patagonia Argentina, Pedro inherited his father's talent for carpentry, his passion for innovation and his mother's mathematical genius, shaping his outlook on life in profound ways.


Pedro followed his passions from a young age, earning his commercial pilot license when he was only 21 years old, thus the sky was never a limit. His fascination for the arts and design led him to explore the ways people lived and interacted with their environment, creating his first designs in his studio in Coral Gables Florida USA.


He soon gained the attention of big names in the world of architecture and design such as Zaha Hadid and Phillipe Stark with his unique furniture collections, and even swarovski crystal incorporated furniture. Pedro has left his creative imprint on buildings and houses across the globe, fascinating all those who see his innovative creations.


Not content with the world of design alone, Pedro has ventured into the film industry, producing projects focused on arts, design, culture, and noteworthy figures in the community. Joining the ranks of the pioneers of the digital age, his creations are now permanently documented on demand in The Internet Archives.


Pedro, a philanthropist at heart, is always willing to share his knowledge and talents with others.

In his current venture, he tours the United States National Parks in his 1977 GMC call "The Beast", gaining insight into the challenging aspects of co-creating the future National Parks by a Sustainable WISH or SWISH.


All who know Pedro are captivated by his boundless energy and creativity.


Giovanni Soleti, Vice President of GS Capital: 

"I have met THE IDEA ARCHITECT™ many years ago, and I consider him one of the most creative persons I have ever met."

Will Thompson, Chief Strategy Officer at Forbes Ignite - Sustainable Transformation.

"Watch out, THE IDEA ARCHITECT™ will take the design world by storm!"


The world is filled with dreamers, but Pedro is a go-getter; he has never let obstacles come in the way of his passions.

As he continues to explore the world and create ground-breaking designs, Pedro's outstanding legacy will continue to.


Photography Billy Colleman