Swish Tribe™ Founder

Introducing Swish Tribe™ Founder - an elite lifetime membership offering exclusive privileges.

As a lifelong founder of Swish Tribe™, you gain premier access to our ethically sourced, sustainable products, and unparalleled experiences.

Annual founders retreats connect you with a network of conscious leaders, shaping a new sustainable landscape of ownership.

At our core is sustainability, as we collectively steward the land to restore ecosystems.

Join us in co-creating sustainable infrastructure, harmonizing with renowned National Parks and forests, ensuring the health and inclusivity of our land while enhancing real estate values.


Our vision unites financial growth with exploration, community, and eco-mindedness.

Together, we cultivate portfolios while nurturing environments for exploration and community engagement.

Our collective is a hub for eco-conscious contributors, fostering discussions, projects, and the expansion of preserved lands.

Within our community, diverse spaces and initiatives thrive: temples, community kitchens, farms, food forests, nature schools, healing centers and retreats, meditation centers, outdoor theaters, spas, camps, shelters, trails, botanical gardens, observatories, playgrounds, and educational facilities.

We honor ancestral knowledge, emphasizing roots and stewardship of nature.

Founders are pivotal in our movement, embodying leadership and a commitment to giving back to nature.

Through conservationist systems and biodynamic designs, we reimagine human interaction with the environment.

Each founder is integral to our community, shaping the foundation of a new Earth.

Together, we pioneer sustainable proof-of-concepts that harmonize with nature's rhythms, leading the way towards a balanced and thriving future.

With only 100 founders in the first tier available, make sure you don't miss out on this original opportunity. 

Our founders' memberships are tradable and exchangeable. Plus, our pricing follows Fibonacci series - a unique approach that symbolizes nature.

We are excited to offer the opportunity to join the Swish Tribe through our 7-stage fundraising process. With only 700 founder memberships available in total, each stage presents a limited and valuable opportunity.

To represent our journey, we have integrated 7 unique NFT cards that Founders will receive based on the stage they join.

As we grow and fulfill our purpose, these NFT cards will appreciate in value and serve as a symbol of your early support.

We follow the Fibonacci series for our pricing strategy to ensure fairness and gradual increase in value.

Our first stage, with the first 100 NFT cards, is set at $1,440, followed by stage 2 at $2,879 and stage 3 at $5,757....

We will continue to increase our pricing in increments until we reach our final 700 founders at stage 7 with a price of $92,098.

After the fundraising process, we anticipate reaching a total of $144,213,300 to secure the founding members entire system, and our first holonic land  and infrastructure project.

This is the pattern for each successive land project on adjoining parcels expanding the US National Parks and Forests.

Join the Swish Tribe today to secure your place in our growth journey and enjoy the benefits.